Microsoft Excel Freeze Panes Feature

When you work with large spreadsheets in Excel and row or column numbers exceed monitor screen limits, it is hard to track column headers when scrolling down or track first columns of a row when you scroll right. You might want to keep some columns or rows in the view area.


Excel has a feature called “Freeze Panes” feature which is exacty used for this. By this feature, you can freeze top row, leftmost column or group of columns and rows at the same time. Let’s explain them by an example. We have a spreadsheet which has 45 rows and columns through J. But our screen is able to show only 23 rows & columns A-H.



Now, to freeze top row, select “View” tab, click the “Freeze Panes” dropdown menu, and click “Freeze Top Row”.



You’ll see that when you scroll down to row 45, top row is fixed at top.



Same as “Freeze Top Row”, you can try “Freeze First Column”:



If you want to freeze both rows or columns at the same time, you can:





Finally, if you want to reset the freezed sheet, you can simply select “Unfreeze Panes” command from the menu.



August 2017

Author: Ali Bekisoglu


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