Intra Informatics Inc. Remote Support Application Guide

Our company use licensed Teamviewer software for remote support of contracted support customers. To use this connection, please follow below stated steps:


At our WEB site, scroll to the end and click “Support For Our Contracted Clients” link at the bottom-right corner.



This link will forward you to another page and remote connection application starts downloading automatically.



After download finishes, please click the application to start. Before application starts, a disclaimer window can appear. Please approve this disclaimer by clicking “Accept” (Kabul Et) button.



Now you can see connection window on your screen. ID & password is automatically genereted by the application.



By sharing this ID & password with Intra engineers, remote support session will be established.


Warning !

If you have previously installed Teamviewer program which is running, by starting Intra version at the same time, you will probably get an error like this:



In this case, please click “Ok” (Tamam) and find running Teamviewer version at the bottom-right corner of your Windows Desktop (near clock). Then please clisck “Exit Teamviewer” and close the running program.



Now you can follow the steps from the beginning by refreshing (F5 key) Teamviewer page.


August 2017

Author: Hasan Eroglu


Disclaimer: Intra Informatics Inc. does not warrant accuracy, reliability and faultlessness of the content published in this blog. Our company will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses and damages in connection with the use of these content. No part of this published content may be reproduced or quoted without providing reference.

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