Message From Management

Dear Customers, Business Partners and Teammates,

As of 2017 we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. In all these years, integrity and trust have always been our most cherished objectives and we can observe that we strived to set these objectives.

Our main purpose is to understand customers’ needs and find the best solution for these needs. We are aware of continuous self development & training obligations will lead us to that purpose.

Besides our professional service concept, we always had a family-like work environment at Intra. We know that we spend more time at work than with our core families. So, we tried hard to establish a peaceful & happy working environment, whereas we know that we can make our customers satisfied only when our team is happy.

We believe that working hard and integrity will lead us to sustainable success. I want to thank to our customers, business partners and teammates who trusted and supported us for the last 20 years.

Yours Sincerely,


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